TIPS: Fun ways to Make Money

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I’ve seen a lot of sad situations money-wise during the pandemic. It hasn’t been the best time for many people unless they are billionaires who own Amazon or something, and the current cost of living crisis is getting out of hand. Many people have turned their hands to other ways to make money. Plenty of articles have sprung up about how and where to make extra money, but a lot of them are repetitive and monotonous. Let me be clear though, you should not have to work yourself to the bone to be able to afford basics like food and heat. If you are seriously struggling, you can find your nearest food bank on the Trussell Trust website. I’ve put the below together as a few little ways to make some extra, without having to do too much work.

Do a boot sale

I love a boot sale. When I was little, my Grandad used to take me to boot sales and give me a few pounds and I would always come back with so much junk, my Mum was never best pleased. A few pounds got you quite far in the 90s at a boot sale. Since I have grown older, I have come to much appreciate the selling side more than the buying side. One thing I have learned about selling at boot sales is that people really will buy ANYTHING. And yes, people might try and haggle you down from 40p to 10p but that’s all part of the fun. One of the glorious things about boot sales, is that it is never the “good” stuff you think will sell that sells. It’s nearly ALWAYS the old junk.

Register with a cam site

I want to be crystal clear on where I stand on the subject of sex work. If I thought for one second I was pretty enough to earn money from a cam site, I would be signing up for UKGlamCam in a heartbeat. I always find it so weird to see people getting hate for signing up to sites like this. It’s a woman’s (or man’s) choice if they want to earn some money by showing some body parts. Sorry but let’s face it, there is a market out there for it, so why not have websites that allow people to offer this sort of thing in the safety of their own homes? If you are not up for that quite yet, you could always dip into the world of paypigs.

Review music

Alright, I’ll admit it to you all, this one is never going to make you rich. But hello? What a cool way to make some money, right? With the website Slicethepie, you can get paid to review music. Sometimes my Spotify goes on a mad one and I end up listening to rubbish music for nothing, so I might as well get paid for it. You can sign up here (this is a referral link).

Sell your photos

I take one good picture, once in a blue moon. So this isn’t one I have personally explored. But I do use stock photos a lot for my blog. If you are someone that takes a lot of good quality pictures, you might want to look into selling them to a stock photo website like BigStockPhoto. You get paid straight into your PayPal account once you reach a minimum amount, so if you have a few good pictures it is worth it.

Walk dogs

Seeing as I do not own a dog (although I am thinking of getting Alfred a cat lead), walking other people’s is like a dream to me. The fact that there are people out there happy to pay you to do it is nothing short of amazing!

Join WeAre8

And make money from watching videos!

Join me on WeAre8. Together we can flip the system and bring power to the people.

Sign up to FavePing

FavePing is a paid messaging app with two types of accounts. Fave is for anyone who is looking to be paid, they can set three different prices one for text one for images sent and one for images of received. A fave can be anyone from celebrities, social media influencers, psychics, stylists, teachers and adult workers to anyone, who thinks of a business in which they can offer advice or interaction that someone would want to pay for. A Ping account is for anyone who is looking to pay to message someone. A fave would sign up and then fill in their charges, update their profile and share the link or username to be found. I am currently building a search page which will provide pings with the ability to filter on type of person to find someone new or get suggested users, but they can search anyway at the moment. I am also actively promoting users on social media and happy to help someone think of a way they can use the app to earn.

Download now on IOS or Android.

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