9 Ways to Fall Back in Love With Blogging

I’ve begun to notice that even though the recent lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has blessed us all with a lot more free time, it’s a lot easier to burn out during such stressful times. During the first lockdown, I told myself that I would have so much more time for blogging, but the truth is I have been unmotivated and haven’t done anything interesting enough to blog about. From my social media feeds, I can see a lot of bloggers are experiencing the same sort of feelings, so I have put together 9 ways to fall back in love with blogging.

Stop comparing yourself to others

As nice as it is to see people achieving their goals if you follow a lot of other bloggers your social feeds can become a bit of a nightmare for your blogging confidence. Not a day goes by when there isn’t someone on my feed celebrating a huge collab or a massive paycheck from advertising. The main thing to remember is that you are on your journey. I got into blogging because I love writing, not because I want to turn my blog into a business, so I always try to remember that.

Rediscover the pen and paper

I am so old, that I used to handwrite drafts of my blogs on the bus on the way to my job as a carer. If you work on a computer all day as your day job, it can be quite nice to sit somewhere peacefully and put an actual pen to paper. My particular favourite place to do this is anywhere outside. 

Revaluate your reasons for blogging

Can you remember why you first started blogging? For some bloggers, this may seem like a while ago now. If you did get into blogging purely for the business side, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if you did it because you love creating content, there is nothing wrong with that either. But as you plan going forward, try to remember the roots of your blog.

Learn when to say no

The funny thing about blogging is that sometimes it can be quiet for a few months and you get almost no blogging work whatsoever, and then in a few months it can get so busy you feel overwhelmed. The quickest way to fall out of your blog is to pile on the paid work and have loads of deadlines to stress about. Remember, you are allowed to say no, especially if the terms of the collab are rubbish.

Pick your stories well

If you like writing, it is probably because you enjoy telling stories. While you are trying to get back into writing, pick a story you love to tell and tell it on your blog. Personal experiences always prove interesting for other people, so not only will it help you get back into the groove with writing, it will probably be a quite successful post.

Take a break if you need to

Whether it be social media or your blog, in your online life you can sometimes feel like you always need to be “on”. It’s hard to keep up with the pressure of posting new content not only on your blog itself but on all of your social media channels too. Asses, when you need a break and take a couple of weeks off like you, would a full-time job.

Go back through your old posts

Going back through your old posts can be cringey, but also a learning curve. They usually show how far you have come as a writer and content creator, so looking at them can give you a huge confidence boost once you see how much you have improved. 

Revamp your blog design

The way your blog looks is a huge part of your brand, and although there is nothing wrong with finding a theme you like and sticking with it, it can also be quite nice to freshen up the image of your blog from time to time. This is especially fun if you have been on a bit of a blogging break. 

Don’t punish yourself for feeling negative about your blog

As I mentioned in the paragraph about comparison, it can be easy to get down about your blog and punish yourself if you don’t get loads of collabs or views, or you simply just feel like you have no motivation. Don’t punish yourself for this, focus on the positives. My most recent positive is that I wrote a post about getting your moles checked and quite a few people have clicked through to the link I used pointing to a website that shows you how to check. If that even helps ONE PERSON identify a bad mole in time for it to not become a problem, then every single hour I have ever spent blogging is worth it to me. 

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