REVIEWED: White City House

White City House Bolognese

Private members clubs like Soho House have always held a certain kind of allure to me. My sort of personality is the sort of personality whereby if there was a giant red sign that said “do not press this button”, I would not be able to rest until I pushed it. It’s one of the reasons North Korea is top of my holiday list (after my yearly trips to the Philippines, of course) and why any private members club I am not a member of intrigues me.

My day job as a manager at an advertising agency affords me many privileges, and one of them is getting to eat at restaurants around London. White City House is part of Soho House and it is attached to my office building. I’ve been in there for coffee a couple of times, signed in as someone’s guest, but until last week I never actually got to eat in there.

White City House has a rooftop pool and a beautiful outdoor space, but the restaurant decor doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. It’s funny how a space that is meant to be so exclusive looks like an airport lounge in one of those airports when you can just have one plane in and out that is small enough to be propelled by a fan. Think old-fashioned wood paneling. Frosted glass. To be honest though, when the food is as good as it is here, you don’t care about what the decor is like. Having been to White City House quite a few times for breakfast which was fabulous, I had quite an inkling the lunch was going to be pretty decent.

If I am somewhere that doesn’t have a particular countries cuisine, there are a couple of things I always go for. Just standard dishes that you can make the very high quality even though they are pretty run of the norm meals. Bolognese is one of these standard meals for me. My Mum is so bad at cooking, she manages to mess up even a simple thing like Bolognese, which I consider to be un-mess-up-able. Even though I do think this, I do think there are many things you can do to IMPROVE the quality of Bolognese. And as for the fried chicken starter, well, if you are a regular reader I think you will already know that I class myself as a fried chicken connoisseur. The fried chicken at White City House is crispy, with a nice Southern flavour but without grease or being too spicy.

The main way I think you can take a Spag Bol from a 2 to a 10 is by using quality mince, and the mince they used in the White City House Bolognese was wonderful. Not at all fatty or gristly. The sauce was also good, I’ve been to a few places that try to over-complicate a standard Bolognese sauce but here isn’t one of them, which is good, as it lets the quality of the meat shine through.

Overall I would highly recommend eating here if you can blag a “plus one” from a member. The food is great and because it is a private members club it is never overwhelmingly busy.

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