Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling, Always, or Get a Hand Made Gift to Remember

*this post was sponsored by Sparkling Jewellery.

There are a few lessons as a woman in your 30s that you learn pretty soon after you hit the big three-oh. Hangovers are worse and last longer (I actually learned that one at about 28 and gave up alcohol, which you will already know if you follow me on my Twitter account). Some things some slowly and naturally to you as you grow into your age. Unfortunately I am a bit of a late starter on looking after your jewellery. You might see I have written a few posts about Sparkling Jewellery, the most recent being my summer picks.  What you might not know is that the clever young lady that owns Sparkling Jewellery also does bespoke and repair work and is soon to be accredited by the British Association of Jewellers. You can follow their Instagram to see some of their repair work and bespoke work.

Repair work does what it says on the tin. The owner of Sparkling Jewellery, Sappho, is very talented at repairs. So if you have that piece of jewellery that is in need of a bit of love, but you still want to keep it, then you should look into getting it repaired. Reworking old jewellery is another service offered. Have you always wanted a particular item of jewellery that you just can’t find anywhere? Is there something you have seen on a celebrity and would die for but could never reach to? Has an item you love worn away into a dangerously thin condition? Have you an antique with beautiful stones that you don’t wear because it is no longer contemporary.

If you are thinking about popping the question, Sparkling Jewellery are particularly good at engagement and wedding rings. They are made to the EXACT requirements the customer provides and can make your dream ring become reality. Sappho has designed bespoke pieces for Russel Kane, Rylan Clark Neal, Katie Price, Jayne Torvill, Kris Boyson, Alex Jones, Towies Ella Wise, Maria Fowler, and Amy Childs.

Don’t take my word for it. You only need to go on the Sparkling Rings Instagram page to see how good the products are.

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