Inexpensive Asian-Inspired Places to eat in London

Froed chicken on a black dish

Working in London for the last 6 years has been a massive eye-opener for me. I’ve always loved going into The City, but it wasn’t until I started working in advertising I learned the sheer joy of an advertising lunch. The advertising lunch is basically where a vendor will take a group from a large advertising agency like mine (I work for the fourth largest in the world) out to an all-expenses-paid lunch. I don’t drink myself but they usually occur on a Thursday or Friday and involve lots of alcohol and lots of not coming back to the office. Having all of these media lunches has given me the great joy of being able to visit several places as a fully-paying customer and review them on the food section of my blog. As well as being able to give you brutally honest reviews on London eating spots, it also means that I can give you recommendations of places that are easy to get to and won’t break the bank.


Various locations around London. I have visited both but my review was the White City one.

My latest review of Kricket London.

Fried chicken is possibly my favourite food. Whether I am making it myself using my fried chicken recipe or whether I am eating it out somewhere like Kricket, London, it is truly a food that makes me happy. The fried chicken in Kricket is my favourite fried chicken that isn’t my own. Kricket has three locations, Soho, Brixton, and White City. I work in White City so I have been to that one more than once, and I have been to the Soho one, but I have not had the pleasure of trying Brixton.

Kricket is Indian-inspired food, and the chicken I like is the Keralan Fried chicken. But I have tried nearly everything on their menu and everything is fantastic. Well cooked, served in a timely fashion, great venues, and loads of vegan and veggie options. I’d go for the Soho one if you were trying to impress someone but the White City one if you are just looking to fill your face with food.

SoHo Menu.

Kricket is likely to set you back around only £100 for two with sides, dessert, and alcohol.

Dim T

Various locations around London. I have visited the Charlotte Street one.

Dim T is another Asian restaurant because I actually cannot get enough Asian food. The one I have visited a few times in Charlotte Street is airy and open and if you didn’t know any better you could be fooled into thinking you were waiting for Dim Sum somewhere in a back street in Beijing. As a non-drinker, I have been reliably informed that the Sake in Dim T is incredibly, and I can tell you first hand their Pad Thai is delicious.

Dim t is likely to set you back around only £80 for two with sides, dessert, and alcohol.


 Covent Garden.

I came to the Punjab one Christmas when I worked for my old advertising agency for their Christmas meal and I couldn’t believe how lovely it was. It reminded me of the small Indian restaurant we have in our town at my local parade of shops, that has like four tables and we know the owners. I had the best Jalfrezi I have ever had in my life here, it was so fresh and it was just cooked to absolute perfection. If you are ever wanting to impress a date about all of the secret little amazing restaurants you know of in London, then this is the place.

Punjab is likely to set you back around only £80 for two with sides, dessert, and alcohol.


Various locations around London. I visited the Covent Garden one.

If you follow any influencers, you have probably heard of Dishoom, because it is popular with them. I’m not adding Dishoom to my list of affordable places to eat in London because it is trendy to do so, I have eaten here and the food was amazing for how much it cost. Dishoom is sort of a mix between East and West. One of the things that stood out for me was the Gunpowder Potatoes, which I am not sure they still do. Either way, all of the food I have ever eaten at Dishoom has always been of really high quality, and another firm favourite of mine is the Dishoom Chicken Tikka.

Dishoom is likely to set you back around only £100 for two with sides, dessert, and alcohol.

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