6 Goals I Want to Achieve by Christmas

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So it’s been a while since I wrote a little bit of a chatty, personal blog and to be honest, that is because I have not been feeling great. However, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with treatment for my health problems now and it has made me optimistic for the future. So much so, I have even decided to do something I very rarely do: set myself goals. Not one to hold myself TOO accountable, I have decided to give myself until Christmas to achieve them. I know how invested some of your are in my blog (and believe me, it is incredibly appreciated), so I know that if I share these goals with all of you guys you will help to hold me accountable for them. So here they are, looking forward to you all tweeting me in December asking me “BUT DID YOU SAVE THOUGH?”.

Restart my vlog

I love vlogging, but I have neglected my YouTube channel. You would think in a pandemic I would have more time to vlog about things but the fact is, I haven’t done anything remotely interesting. I did start to try and do a few things on my lockdown routine but I am honestly so boring. But, I have a GoPro now and also I am going to Lefkas in October so hopefully, I can get some interesting content. If anyone has any suggestions on what they like to see on travel videos feel free to tell me them! I’ve also been given a couple of suggestions on day to day things to try. Another idea I have is more garden updates. We’ll be getting a big, walled gazebo for the hot tub in the winter months and adding fairy lights to make it as much like a spa as possible so I might just share that transformation with you all.

Save money

As I don’t have kids to worry about, my spending habits are pretty much summed up as “treat yourself”. However, having stayed in really nice hotels and purchased every single magazine every week for the last ten years isn’t going to help me build my future. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself as Christmas as an expensive time, so I do not have a savings “goal”, the main thing is I want to at least have SOMETHING in my savings account. I earn good money for my age but I am far too impulsive with it. Even if I only manage to save something like £100, I’m still keen to go into 2022 with at least something in my savings. It’s not even like I want to save up for an actual goal or an item, but it would just be nice to have a fallback.

Start going out for dinner again

Although my blog is more or less a London lifestyle blog, the majority of my posts are about food. Even though I have had a bit more time at home creating recipes due to the various lockdowns, I am missing doing restaurant reviews quite a lot. Never in my life did I think I would get to a point in life where people WANT to hear my opinion on the food I am eating. Aside from sponsored reviews, I used to get to eat out a lot with work and my Mum and I also go out to dinner quite often, so I’d like to think you guys trust my opinion as freebies from restaurants only make up about 10% of my trips.

Have a killer Autumn wardrobe

I’ve never been particularly fashionable. To be honest, my buying and choosing clothes heavily depends on whether the thing needs ironing or not. But this year, as I make my return to the office, I am keen to have a “put together” wardrobe rather than just buying things when I see them that match nothing else. I’m not going to say I am going to have some huge glow-up like Andy from Devil Wears Prada, but it will be good to be in a place where I like what I throw on every morning and feel good about myself when I walk out of the door.

Keep up my 10,000 steps per day

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably already know that because I am so anaemic, playing 5-a-side football for like ten minutes last week nearly killed me off. Unfortunately, when my iron is really low, there isn’t a lot of choices left when it comes to exercise, but one thing I have found a love of during the pandemic is walking. The thing about walking is, I can go at my own pace and I don’t need to make myself out of breath. I always try and get in 10,000k steps per day, but let’s face it, that gets a lot harder in the bad weather doesn’t it? So I am looking to hold myself accountable and make sure I still do them!

To say “yes” more

When you have a chronic illness, it’s quite hard to plan. There is always the question “will I be well enough to do this?” And that question has led me into saying no to so many things over the last three years that I probably would have loved. So now that I am finally on track and under a consultant, I am to start saying yes a LOT more. Being stuck at home for two months makes you realise how important getting out there and living life is. Even though my health isn’t 100%, I am still going to try and say yes to as many things as I can.

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One response to “6 Goals I Want to Achieve by Christmas”

  1. Yesss I’m a sucker for a good goals post! Love these goals and the fact there’s a nice range of different areas to work on as well. Saving is something I’m focusing on a lot right now and I have a number in mind I’d like to reach before the end of the year. I’d love to see more restaurant / food posts and reviews from you. As we’re not too far from each other, I’d love to hear where you’d recommend because I love going out for food!


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