REVIEWED: Kibele, Great Portland Street

“Chicken Shish”

No one looked up from their computer this time, probably because I’d just been randomly saying those two words all day. We had dinner after work with one of our vendors, and they had emailed ahead to say they were taking us to Kibele on Great Portland Street. I am one of those annoying people that likes to research the place and the menu before I go, so when I found out it was a Turkish restaurant I couldn’t get my mind off of a chicken shish. Food like a chicken shish, which is simple, yet effective, is right up my (Great Portland) street.

As you’ll know from my recent review of The Broadcaster in White City, I’m someone who takes portion sizes very seriously. The place that we were going to go to before Kiebele got thrown into the mix looked like a “posh people food” nightmare. I was so glad when I found out they had changed it to Turkish because not only do I adore a chicken shish, but I also love the portion sizes when you eat somewhere Turkish or Greek.

If you have never experienced Turkish food, you are missing out. We’ve got a Turkish restaurant near us in Essex called “Sheesh” and it is classed as “posh” because all of the TOWIE lot go there. I genuinely didn’t even know TOWIE was still on. Anyway, I’ve been to Sheesh (a few years back, hence no blog reviews), and I made the mistake of eating a full chicken at Nando’s at lunchtime of that day. Why did I do that? Well, I was due a free whole chicken and I thought the portions at Sheesh would be small. They were not.

So did I prep well for Kiebele?

Of course, I did. I wasn’t going to miss out on a succulent chicken sheesh with rice and salad. One of the things I love about Turkish food is that it isn’t heavy or greasy. When you think about it, a chicken shish isn’t too bad for you. That’s what I tell myself anyway. I do try and walk around 10,000 steps a day so even if a Chicken Shish isn’t the best for you, I can still enjoy one now and again without exercising that much. Although I’m sure you heard this story on my Twitter account, I took a massive parcel in for my Mum this week and she was like “oh yeah, I got a treadmill”. At least that means I can get all my steps in while warm in my own home.

When you first enter Kiebele, it’s hard not to be distracted by the opulent décor. We sat downstairs and it kind of reminded me of a sort of prohibition speakeasy type thing. I loved it. Things like that just make a nice change from dashing around London on the tube and working in my loungewear from home.

As expected, I ordered myself the chicken shish, and it lived up to everything I imagined. I do find that some Turkish restaurants are a bit of a let-down on the rice, but the rice at Kiebele was very tasty. The thing that amazes me about a well-cooked chicken shish is the simplicity. There aren’t that many ingredients/spices but it just tastes spectacular. I’d highly recommend it. 

Unfortunately, I was too tired to stay much longer after the food, but I did hear from my colleagues the entertainment at Kiebele was great!


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2 responses to “REVIEWED: Kibele, Great Portland Street”

  1. I’m a bit embarrassed because I’m not sure I know what chicken shish is? Is it a kabab? Haha. Anyway, glad you got your shish!


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