Songs to Hype you up in the Morning


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We are getting to “that” time of year again. In the run up to Christmas winter is seen as cosy and cute. But when the reality of January hits, it is a long old slog. Everyone that got paid early is skint, it’s still dark, and nothing fun is going on in the office. Yes, this is the time of year I have to put on my noise cancelling headphones on the tube, and dig out my playlist of songs to hype me up in the morning. So considering how important I think it is to have a good list of morning bangers, I have decided to share my list with you.

Michael Jackson – Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’

I don’t know what it is about this track, but when I listen to it I DO wanna be startin’ somethin’ to be honest. I find the funky beat of this song very motivational in the morning. As well as the funky beat, it’s got a good BPM so it will definitely wake you up first thing!

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

I know this is an old song, and probably looks a bit out of place with some of the others I am going to put on this list, but it is SO cheerful. It’s not too heavy a song either, which makes it perfect for the morning.

The Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’

Another oldie, but a goody. The only issue is, trying not to sing the loud “I FOUND LOVE” out loud while you are listening to it.

Madonna – Into the Groove

I wont ever apologise for telling you to listen to some 80s Madonna to gear yourself up for a productive day. Whatever you think about Madonna’s social media antics, she will always be the undisputed Queen of pop.

Distant Soundz – Time After Time

Listening to garage isn’t really my favourite, considering it reminds me of being 14 and having to pretend to like garage because the popular lot liked it, and hiding the fact I was listening to Evanescence and Shakira, but now I am a grown adult, I have realised there ARE some garage songs I genuinely do like, and this is the best one of them.

Lucenzo, Don Omar – Danza Kuduro

There is nothing like a cheesy holiday song to get you going in the morning. A staple of Alexandros Rooftop Bar in Agios Nikalaos (if you know you know), Danza Kuduro is one of the more uplifting cheesy holiday songs that does the rounds every May to September.

BTS – Dynamite

I came to know about BTS through Twitter, and I have to admit, even as a grown adult, I am buying what they are selling. After the success of Squid Game, I’d really like to think everyone has got over media being in a different language, and honestly it will be the best thing you do. This particular song is so upbeat, I challenge you to listen to it and not smile.

Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down

When I was younger, I was never interested in going clubbing, because frankly, the clubs near me all played rubbish. That all changed when my cousin introduced me to a club that only played indie music, a couple of towns away. So not only do I find this song cheerful, it also reminds me of good times at The Pink Toothbrush.

Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone

If, like me, you can handle house and dance music at 6am, then this is the one for you. If you ever see me on the tube tapping my foot, it will likely be to this. This song really will wake you up!

Loreen – Euphoria

I’ve never hidden the act that I am a Eurovision fan, but even if you are not, Euphoria is still probably the best song to ever come out of the contest. This is quite the banger, so again, it might be a bit much for some of you first thing in the morning.

The Real McCoy – Run Away

It was hard to choose which Real McCoy song to add here, because Another Night is also a certified toe-tapper. I chose Run Away though, as it is a bit more high energy. There really isn’t anything like a bit of 90s dance to get you going each day.

Princess Nokia – It’s Not My Fault

This one is one for the ladies. Basically the whole premise of Princess Nokia’s song here is that she is sorry she is better than you, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Shania Twain – Man I Feel Like a Woman

It’s the “let’s go girls” for me. Every time I hear it, I just want to FSU. It’s not even a particularly good or upbeat song, I just like that bit. It’s like a “hun” call to arms.

 J-Lo – Waiting for Tonight

Early J-Lo was the best J-Lo in my opinion. Waiting for Tonight is one of her best songs. Back when she really WAS just Jenny from the block.

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t Worry Child

I feel like, even if you cannot handle house music early in the morning, you could still deal with a little bit of SHM. This song just makes me want to dance and throw stuff, which is why I have taken it off of my journey to work playlist.

If you want to listen to the whole playlist, you can on this link:


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