TIPS: Honey Bee Your Home This New Year

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Everyone loves this time of year. Even those that don’t, kind of do. People are happier in general and you get a bit of time off. I haven’t taken part in blogmas due to time restraints, and I’ve only really written one post about a new Christmas film when it comes to Christmas content. But what I want to focus on, is looking ahead. It can be easy to get down in January, but it is one of my favourite months. January to me is like the first, fresh, new page of a notebook. The end of the Christmas break for me is the time I completely blitz my home, make room for my new stuff, and treat myself to all of the nice things I denied myself when I needed the money for Christmas presents.

So if, like me, you make a point of changing up your spaces in January, I have some recommendations of products I love from Honey Bee Home.

Paddywax Mandarin and Mango 6oz candle

Without a shadow of a doubt, myself and my Mum’s favourite product. I’m not sure if it is because it is soy wax or what, but these candles are worth every single penny because they last AGES. I buy one of these once every couple of months for my Mum, and they smell incredible too. I even stretched out my last one to last longer by using the soy wax in my wax burner when the wick ran out. 

Black Slimline Flask Bottle

My Mum is terrible at drinking water, so when she started at her new job, I got her a slimline water bottle. Not only is it light for her to carry on her walk to work, but it also means she will drink at least SOME water through the day. This is also useful if you work from home with limited space, and you do not have somewhere to put a big water bottle. 

Blue Velvet Chevron Patterned Lined Throw

I want to redecorate my room this year, and I have already been lusting after all of the Honey Bee products I want. This Blue throw is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m definitely going to invest in one rather than just keep buying cheap blankets, as this looks like it’s made to last. 

Caroline Gardner ‘Year of You’ Daily Journal

I have a huge thing for stationary, and I couldn’t help being gutted I didn’t pick one of these up or myself last time I did a Hoey Bee order. Mum has a different notebook that It lasted ages (still don’t think it is finished), but I love the idea of this one being a “year of you”.

Caroline Gardner 'Year of You' Daily Journal

Velvet Handmade Pumpkins – Small

I know Halloween is long-forgotten now, but get one of these bad boys while you can, as they will sell out really quickly in October. I managed to snag one of these for my Halloween-obsessed best friend and she loved it! 

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3 responses to “TIPS: Honey Bee Your Home This New Year”

  1. The mandarin and mango candle sounds lovely. I’m happy to hear they last long, I go through candles so quickly! The “Year of You” journal would be a perfect present for the New Year. Thank you for sharing your finds and your review!


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