REVIEWED: Vitamin IV’s at Collagen Aesthetics

*I paid for this product. I have not received any fee, discount or product to write this review, I am writing it in the capacity of a paying customer.

If you are a regular reader, or you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that my endo makes me really anaemic. Even though I am taking prescribed oral iron, my levels just never seem to be able to get back up to normal, and I am always run-down and tired. And as if that wasn’t enough, I was up A&E the other week because my potassium was so low it was causing chest pain and heart problems! As I said to the nurse, I don’t know why that has happened, I eat loads of potatoes (many people have since corrected me and told me bananas are actually the best source of potassium). So it seems even though I do try to eat healthy and stay healthy, the odds are conspiring against me in that part of life.

Before the pandemic had started, I had discovered and been having regular Vitamin IV’s, and they were helping so much. But then of course, the worked went mad and everything shut. It’s fairly easy to get out of something routine, even if it is something that is helping your health. Thank heavens, I have started having them again now, and the improvement to my health is so noticeable.

What are Vitamin IV’s?

All said and done, Vitamin IV’s do what they say on the tin. Instead of taking vitamins orally, they are given via an intravenous drip. You can also have injections for certain vitamins, some people even get b12 injections on the NHS. As you can imagine, when you tale vitamins orally, you secrete quite a lot of it as “waste”. Getting the vitamins straight into your blood stream means more gets in the place it needs to be for the vitamins to start working.

What is it like having a Vitamin IV?

I go off to Leigh once a month to have my Vitamin IV at Collagen Aesthetics in Leigh on Sea. You might notice me tag Collagen Aesthetics on Twitter here and there if you follow me. Julieann Pollitt and her team make the process swift and simple. Once you book in with Collagen Aesthetics you are sent a small questionnaire about your health. This is then sent back electronically.

When you get to your appointment you are shown into the incredibly comfortable treatment room where you will have a relaxing lay down on the bed and watch Netflix on the room’s flat screen TV. When it comes to choosing the drip, I tend to consult with Julieann on how I’ve been feeling since the last one, how it worked and what I need from the next one. The majority of the drips I have had take 45 minutes to an hour and time passes really quickly.

How much are Vitamin IV’s?

Most of the Vitamin IV’s range from £75 to £100, and I can tell you from my experience with them that they are worth every single penny. For me personally, the effects of the Vitamin drip last around one month, so I do not see £95 per month as a huge expense when I consider how much of a positive effect they have on my health.

If you would like to learn more, and watch an interview with the clinics owner, please see below the YouTube video I made a couple of years back.

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