REAL LIFE: Uncovering the Secret World of Paypigs

*DISCLAIMER* This post has been written through the lens of someone who dipped into this world for a few months to get a feel of what it was like. It has been brought to my attention that due to my inexperience, some of the information I have given here could be counterproductive or even harmful. I would strongly urge you to read this very well-written rebuttal blog containing absolutely valid criticisms of my below post, so that you get a balanced view.

I’ve seen a lot in my 34 years on this earth.

The thing that I enjoy is that I have a face that makes me look about as open and approachable as Attila the Hun, but people STILL, yes they STILL try to engage in conversation with me wherever I am. There just seems to be something about me that draws in people from all different walks of the world. Twitter is no different. I’m not great at reading and replying to DM’s but they are always open, and if I have the chance I will always lend an ear to your problem. As well as people that I class as my close friends now, I also have a lot of random stuff come into my inbox. There are a group of men who call themselves “Paypigs” who get a bit of a kick out of “findom” which means financial domination. I just want to make something clear: WE DO NOT KINK SHAME ON THIS BLOG. This practice genuinely hurts no one and I engage from time to time. I had a guy who I knew was promising sums of money to girls I knew, who were struggling quite badly financially, and not following through. As I felt this was unfair, I outed him on my public timeline for doing so, and then got accused of “charging people to speak to me”.

And then I got a great idea. WHY DON’T I CHARGE PEOPLE TO SPEAK TO ME? 

What is a Paypig?

A “paypig” is someone (mostly male but I do believe female paypigs are out there) who likes the idea of “findom”, which means being financially dominated. There seems to be a lot of crossover in this world with men who are “subs” which means they like to be dominated by women (again, I am using male subs and female doms as an example, but from what I can see the Findom community doesn’t judge). So the paypig would be the man who is being financially dominated. There are quite a few different BDSM websites that match subs and doms, but the best place I found to connect with like-minded people was by using my Twitter account. Yes Twitter, with its millions of users, its ease of use and the ability to either connect publicly or privately, was my best channel for going undercover as a Findom.

There are a lot of things that are easier for a female to do than it is for a male and I hate to be smug but being a female makes it A LOT easier to find a paypig. All I did was write a post and use the hashtag “#paypigs” and they absolutely flooded my inbox. Even though a lot of the Twitter accounts these guys created were anonymous, I am still going to give them nicknames.

The first paypig to approach me, I’ll call “The Enthusiast”. Now the enthusiast was initially a great mentor. He took me through the ropes super quickly, without wanting much in return, except just to chat. And that’s one of the glorious things about the paypig world. Many have been quite judgemental on my social media, without knowing the facts, but these guys honestly don’t expect any racy pictures or content. I’ve sent selfies of my face, but I managed to make around £200 without sending anything that would require more than a PG Rating.

The Enthusiast had seen that I was playing a lot of “RT games”. To paypigs, being humiliated is the attraction, so they might do offers with you for example if you get a certain amount of RT’s on a tweet calling them a loser or something, and then when you get them, they will pay. This is what had drawn this particular paypig into my inbox. He explained that he would like me to do something called an “ignore” session, where I would just video call him and ignore him. As tempting as it was, I am actually quite a self-conscious person, so when I refused I was expecting that to be that. Unfortunately, it was “The Enthusiast” who taught me my biggest lesson: some paypigs will pay you money and then expect you to be available all day to message them. 

My inbox got so busy at that point I implemented a “£5 per day unlock fee” to reply to people, and I still had a busy inbox except for now I was making money just for talking to guys. Someone once accused me of “sounding like I charged people for replies” and this spurred me on to think “hey maybe I should charge paypigs for replies”. The Enthusiast took a bit of a disliking to the competition, and the fee, so I never heard from him again. But then, even with the new charge, someone I’ll call “The Mentor” ended up paying the fee and sending me a message. One thing I really liked about The Mentor is that he wasn’t as frantic and full-on as The Enthusiast. I have a full-time job, this blog, and the usual adult things like housework to do so I don’t have a huge amount of spare time.

Not only did the mentor respect this, but he also paid me the £5 fee every single day, until I told him that he didn’t have to anymore. He taught me what a “cash meet” was. A cash meet is where basically a woman meets her paypig in real life and he has to give her an amount of cash. He floated the idea with me but wasn’t pushy about it. The Mentor made me feel really comfortable and didn’t put any pressure on me to message him back quickly, even on the days he had paid the £5 fee.

Do you have to make sexual content to find a paypig?

This brings me to my next point, which on one hand is crystal clear but on the other hand, is a bit of a grey area. The main thing I want to state myself is that I have not ever shared any sexual content with paypigs. That does not mean they haven’t asked for it. The good thing about using Twitter as a platform, is that you only need to share the information you want to, so if someone does get a bit creepy, you can block them. It looked as though that was going to have to be something done to my third notable paypig, The Refund Guy. I had gained some confidence in the Findom world, so I decided to do a little bidding game where the winning bidder would get a phone call from me. Just a voice call, nothing sexual or anything. But by the time I got home with my friend after our night, I must admit I truly forgot. The WINNING bidder was fine with this. His £20 secured him first place because The Refund Guy was the second-highest, due to not selecting “friends and family” and me having to pay PayPal charges. Despite not even winning, he was very concerned that I owed him a phone call.

In all honesty, he was correct, I did indeed owe him a phone call, which I planned to get in over the next couple of days or so.

But of course, it didn’t stop there. Somehow the VOICE phone call I had promised him had turned into a video call, and he was in my Twitter inbox all day every day. When I had the time to reply, I explained to him that I would refund him, and he was quite keen for me to still make his phone call. Everything about this guy seemed off. There was no way I was going to speak to someone on the phone that behaved like that. He genuinely didn’t leave me alone, even on days where I’d tried to be polite and answered him as much as I could in my break times the days I was in the office, but that still wasn’t enough. The only reason I haven’t blocked him yet is that I want to make sure he did actually get his refund.

Beware, ladies, there are some paypigs who will feel justified to monopolise your every waking moment just because they have sent a measly £20. The best advice I can give anyone new to the findom world is to take the time to get to know your paypigs before you offer them anything. And then when you do, make sure you have it written on a message in writing on whichever platform you are using, what you are exchanging for the money. A lesson I learned the hard way.

How can I find a paypig?

If you are sitting there thinking the whole paypig thing is too good to be true, I get it. I thought the same myself until I started my little Twitter experiment, and I was pleasantly surprised. If you are a girl, you will probably find that just sharing your payment links for anyone that wants to treat you attracts paypigs to your inbox.

Twitter, in my opinion, is the best platform to find paypigs on and if you use either the hashtags #paypig or #findom you will have plenty of choices because these are the most common hashtags, and the exact hashtags paypigs themselves use to find likeminded people. Instagram is probably another good shout, using these hashtags, but I haven’t tried it personally myself.

There are also websites for BDSM in the broader sense, so if you are having trouble on the social channels then this might be a better option.

Top ten best tips for findom beginners

Set up a separate social profile on your preferred social media just for findom. Your friends and family might get annoyed at all of the tweets you make to try and find one, and also narrow-minded people can be pretty judgemental.

Make sure your DM’s are open to anyone, as the hashtag will attract paypigs that are not following you.

Find a way to filter and triage your messages. Not everyone has all day every day to sit and message on social media, so you need to maximise the time you do have. “Rewarding” genuine paypigs that do pay up is a good way to manage this.

Don’t feel pressured to do anything. YOU set the rules here, and you are meant to be the “dominant” one, so don’t let anyone that has sent you money pressure you into thinking you owe them anything you are not comfortable with.

Get everything in writing. If a paypig pays you some money, make sure you are both in clear agreement on what they are paying it for, and you have this message exchange somewhere in writing.

Manage expectations. If you do not have time to chat, or if you are completely against something in the findom world like meeting in real life, make sure you manage expectations and set those boundaries.

Take a break every now and again. I counted 24 paypigs in my inbox over the course of around two weeks, which is a lot of messaging, so as you will probably encounter the same amount make sure you set aside “you” time.

Don’t judge. I have found in my experience that many paypigs also have fetishes and fantasies outside of findom, so keep an open mind. We do NOT kink shame on this blog. As long as everyone is a consenting adult, and no one is getting hurt than I really do not see how it is anyone else’s business.

Become a part of the “findom” community. Linking up with other ladies looking for paypigs means you can chat with each other and find out what works.

Be honest with your loved ones. Especially if you are in a relationship. I am free and single so it does not matter to me, but I am sure some people would class this as a form of cheating had I partner. Honesty is always best and that goes for friends and family too. I told my best mate loads of men were paying for my coffees for no reason whatsoever, and she thought it was BRILLIANT

Unfortunately, it isn’t all fun and games. Since I wrote this post initially I have been let down a number of times. The best tip I can give is:

Take a deposit for RT games and content. Unfortunately in the time since I wrote this post, I have been let down a number of times on RT games and seem to only find “paypigs” who do not want to do the “pay” part.

If you enjoy my content, I would always appreciate being treated to a coffee as I do not make income from this blog. Any paypigs feel free to approach on Twitter.

Feel free to also follow me on Twitter and TikTok

5 responses to “REAL LIFE: Uncovering the Secret World of Paypigs”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, informative & non judgemental post about the world of ‘FinDom’
    I hope this helps people to understand & unlock the stigma that is around this type of world.
    Knowing both parties are safe & the option exsists to either send sexual content or not will definitely entice people to explore & feel more confident in perhaps becoming a Dom or Pig (sub)


  2. This was such an interesting read. Funnily enough this is something I’ve toyed with the idea of for years now but never really taken the plunge. I’m married now and I’ve had the conversation with my husband back when we were just living together and again after the wedding just in case I did follow it up. Paypigs was a new one to me! I would never kink shame but I think even if it’s something you are not into it’s always interesting to find out how these things work so thanks for sharing your experience.


  3. […] and spectrums. In fact, you have probably read my most recent trip down the rabbit hole of “PayPigs” on this very blog. Me personally, I am a very non-judgemental, “try anything once” kind of […]


  4. […] I want to be crystal clear on where I stand on the subject of sex work. If I thought for one second I was pretty enough to earn money from a cam site, I would be signing up for UKGlamCam in a heartbeat. I always find it so weird to see people getting hate for signing up to sites like this. It’s a woman’s (or man’s) choice if they want to earn some money by showing some body parts. Sorry but let’s face it, there is a market out there for it, so why not have websites that allow people to offer this sort of thing in the safety of their own homes? If you are not up for that quite yet, you could always dip into the world of paypigs. […]


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