REVIEWED: Dishoom Kensington (gluten-free menu)

Recently finding out I needed to go gluten-free because of coeliac, made me think that eating out wasn’t going to be an option for me mostly. If you know me or follow me on my Twitter account, you’ll come to learn that 1. I tend towards being dramatic 2. It didn’t mean the end of lunchtime jaunts at ALL. There are so many places that do gluten-free food, and even have a gluten-free menu. After being treated to lunch at Nopi, who had an amazing gluten-free menu a couple of weeks back, last week I got taken to Dishoom in Kensington. I always read menus ahead anyway so I had 

a quick check of their gluten-free menu. Last time I went to Dishoom, the one in Covent Garden, I didn’t know I was coeliac, so that was back in the days I could just eat and eat with reckless abandon (obviously I’d wonder what all the stomach pain was about after). The thing that stuck out for me on that occasion was the gunpowder potatoes.

I know what you are thinking. All of the exciting things you could have from Dishoom, and you are looking forward to potatoes.

Well, what can I say? I am a simple lady. I like a potato, so sue me. Thankfully, I got to enjoy them a second time around as they are on the gluten-free menu and they were as magnificent as I remembered. One of the things I love about Dishoom is that they do not make their dishes overly spicy just for the sake of it. The gunpowder potatoes have a kick to them, but the subtle mix of seeds and herbs leaves more of a nice, aromatic flavour on your tongue rather than just burn.

While we are on spice, I used to be able to handle the spiciest foods ever, but in my old age, I’ve lost the ability to eat a phal while laughing at the waiters rushing to give me water or milk. I’ve graduated from knock-your-socks-of spice to creamy and subtle flavours, so the Dishoom chicken tikka was going to be right up my street. If you are gluten-free, you’ll find most tikka masala is fine, which is a bonus! The only disappointment was that Dishoom’s poppadoms are not gluten-free.

Paneer tikka has always been a firm favourite of mine, and although you would be hard-pressed to find a way to glutenise cheese, then again it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise. I find paneer from the takeaway fairly oily, and Dishoom’s was not at all which was great. The spicy lamb chops were also incredible.

As far as a set gluten-free menu goes, Dishoom were great. Not only did they make an effort to tell me they avoided cross-contamination, but they also pointed out which dishes were gluten-free. The menu was also a lot more varied than many other places I have visited since being diagnosed as coeliac.

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