REVIEWED: CBD. Magic or Myth?

If you are a regular “It’s More Fun in Your 30s” blog reader, you’ll know that I love a bit of an alternative treatment for my many ailments. From Vitamin IVs to cracking on with a daily Complan to get my vitamins and calories in, if you try and sell something to me for my “wellness”, I’ll probably buy it. Recently, I wrote a review of CBD drinks from Trip CBD, and I thought they were great, but I’ve never really given CBD oil or gummies a proper go. Way back when I gave CBD oil a go for some stomach pain (which would have been due to coeliac but I didn’t know it then as it has only recently been diagnosed). The error I made though, was that I thought you used it like painkillers, ad-hoc. This was a few years ago now, and I haven’t ventured to think about CBD oil helping me since.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. You’d think after everything that has gone on with me recently I’d avoid the hospital like the plague (actually can we even use that expression anymore? Because when there was an ACTUAL plague, a huge group of people didn’t want to avoid it?), but no, I ended up in A&E with excruciating stomach pain. You are probably reading this thinking “A&E for stomach pain, what a baby”, but honestly it was severe. The Doctor told me my stomach and intestines were inflamed and I had gastritis from the coeliac going untreated. He sent me away with a higher dose of lansoprazole and some strong painkillers. Now strong painkillers, are not ideal. I follow a lovely gentleman called Anthony Fowler on Twitter who helps to promote Supreme CBD, so I thought I would ask him if he thought it could do the trick for the pain I was getting with gastritis. Anthony very kindly replied, took my address, and sent me a bottle of CBD oil and a tub of gummies to try.

The first few days I was doing a bit of trial and error with times to take them. Ultimately, I decided to have one gummy and one dropper of the oil before I went to bed each night. CBD oil relaxes you well so I thought this would be a good time to take them both. I must give you full disclosure, it very rarely takes me long to get to sleep, even if I go to bed at a super-early time like 8 pm. So reviewing Supreme CBD’s oil or gummies as a sleep aid probably isn’t the right fit for me and my blog. One thing I did find that happened with my sleep after a few days of this routine though, was that I got up in the night less. I usually wake up between 3 and 5 times per night for the toilet or just because, but with my Supreme CBD routine I only wake up once.

One thing I would like to make clear before I go any further with this review is that you will NEED TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR YOU CAN TAKE CBD WITH ANY TABLETS YOU ARE ON.

Now, let’s concentrate on the main thing I am using Supreme CBD for, and that is the severe stomach pain associated with gastritis or accidentally eating gluten as someone coeliac. I’m sure you have all read my post about the gluten-free things I have loved and hated so far, but I am still in the trial and error phase of gluten-free life. And although I haven’t eaten anything to flare up the coeliac response, because my coeliac is a relatively new find and it was undetected for so long, it did enough damage to my stomach and intestines for me to get very sharp, shooting pains at pretty regular intervals. I think anyone with any chronic illness would understand, that sometimes you get to the point where you will try anything to make the pain not even go away altogether, just less.

Changes as noticeable as having pain than not having pain are fairly obvious in your day-to-day life when you realise what has happened. During the first week I was using Supreme CBD, I noticed the pain was getting less and less and the only thing I did have a couple of times was uncomfortable trapped wind (gross I know, I’m a chronic over-sharer and I don’t care-r). That fizzled out over the week and then by the weekend it was just…….nothing.

As well as finally being free of the pain that was haunting me, I noticed a few more little changes that improved my life considerable. My sleep was one I mentioned earlier, and as well as not getting up too much, I fell asleep more quickly. I’ve always been fairly honest with my readers about my mental health, which isn’t great as I suffer from anxiety, and CBD oil has seemed to help this as well. It sounds like a trivial thing but travelling to and from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays are my most stressful parts of the week (mainly because I hate people), and after about 10 days of Supreme CBD, there was an overall improvement in my mood.

I would highly recommend giving Supreme CBD a try. The thing I like about it is that is natural. If you try it and it doesn’t work, you are not putting strong medication or chemicals into your body. However, I’m quite confident it WILL help you.

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