REVIEWED: Athletic Greens (AG1)

Any regular readers will know what I am like for products that are meant to help my health. Although I have only just been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, I have been dealing with the symptoms for a long time. I never used to absorb vitamins orally, so I got into the habit of having regular Vitamin IVs which help me so much. When someone who also has Crohn’s and has had the exact hospital experience and recovery path as me suggested Athletic Greens my initial thought was “it can’t hurt can it?”. You’ll notice they are £79 a month which I imagine is a bit of a stretch for some people, but I am blessed enough to be able to try these things. I’m always happy to cut back on other things if I find something that helps with my health.

As you know, I’ll always give you an honest review, and I usually buy all of the products I review here with my own money (as is the case here), as I very rarely get offered sponsored posts, so I have no incentive what-so-ever for me to lie. I will say that everybody is different, and if you do have a medical condition you hope this helps, speak to your Doctor before adding in any supplements. I mentioned this to my consultant at my last check-up, and his opinion was I am absorbing the nutrients from this which should benefit me, and if I am feeling better since starting it then crack right on.

What is AG1?

(Taken from their website) 

“AG1 is a comprehensive nutrition solution formulated to support whole-body health with 75 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced ingredients. Its powder form makes it highly absorbable, so your body can easily get the nutritional support it needs every day.”

AG1 is a powder that you mix with water in the morning and drink before you eat anything. You also get a supply of vitamin drops to drop in the mixture (you get a shaker tin and two scoops included with the first month as well). You shake it to dissolve everything and the result is more like juice than a smoothie. If you are not keen on the taste you can put lemon in, as per the AG1 Twitter account. You also only have to dissolve it in a minimum of 250ml of water. 

How does AG1 work?

AG1 is packed with vitamins, minerals, whole food nutrients, probiotics, and adaptogens. You can find a full list and a list of benefits each one has on their website. The vitamins and minerals help immune function and the nervous system among others, and the aim of AG1 packing all of these into one drink is to help people avoid having to take many different vitamins each day. The superfood complex supports the microbiome and key body functions. Probiotics support gut health, which is ongoing as they can multiply and add an ongoing presence. The plant extracts and antioxidants help you adapt to stress and also provide a little boost of vitamins you may not get in the other ingredients. The enzyme and mushroom complex helps gut health and the immune system.

All info is taken from the website.

How much is AG1?

AG1 costs £97 for a single purchase of a one-month supply if you want to kind of “try before you buy”. They also offer a subscription at £79 a month, and in your first month, you also get some travel packs, a shaker bottle, a bottle of liquid vitamins to put into the mixture, and two scoops.

AG1 Reviewed

The person who recommended AG1 to me went through the same issues with Crohn’s as me, and more or less followed the same recovery path. With a chronic illness, you get to a point where you will try anything to feel better. Crohn’s is very personal to the person, but as I said, the person who recommended it had the same journey as me, with SMA syndrome and everything. That month when I got paid, I signed up for a subscription. It got delivered very quickly, in lovely packaging. I resolved to have my first one the next morning, as you drink it before food. The evening before, all that was on my mind was how horrible it would taste. Because let’s face it, nothing good for you also tastes good. Especially anything green. But if I have learned one thing over the last few months it’s that if something helps you health-wise, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t taste like a Drumstick lolly. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what is best for your body. 

You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I dissolved my powder and drops into my shaker and had my first taste, only to discover it doesn’t taste horrible at all. It has, to my taste buds, a slight chocolatey flavour. But even if it doesn’t to your taste buds, there isn’t a strong enough flavour to make it taste bad. For things like this, you expect it to take a while to work, so I am not sure whether it was the placebo effect or it was because all of the vitamins and probiotics did their thing straight away, but I did feel better on the first day. Throughout the next couple of days, I still experienced pain that I knew was linked to my Crohn’s here or there, but certainly not as much. With my bowel still being inflamed from the Crohn’s flare that hospitalized me, if I bloat or get trapped wind at the moment it is EXCRUCIATING. I’ve been taking strong painkillers for the pain that comes along with all of that, and about a week in with my AG1 I managed to start tapering off them. I had completely stopped bloating and getting trapped wind. I have been using AG1 each morning for around 3 weeks, and I have managed to come down from 8 co-codamol a day to 2. And the two I am taking are not actually to combat any stomach pain, they are to manage the taper off of them properly as I have been on either morphine, tramadol on codeine for around 4 months.

One of the main things I hoped AG1 would help with was energy levels. My health issues often leave me low in iron and potassium and never feeling on top form. After about a week and a half, my energy levels helped dramatically. So dramatically in fact, that not only was I not tired after my first day back in the office from long-term sick, I managed to pop up and visit someone in hospital as I was travelling through the city, and didn’t get home until around 9 pm, which is a super long day for someone who has spent the last month working from the sofa in a fluffy blanket. I also suffer from anxiety, which I have medication for, and I have noticed that my overall mood has been a lot brighter. A lot of my worries are around my physical health so it could just be that there are fewer problems in that area, but I feel a lot more happy and motivated since starting AG1. I’ve noticed such an improvement in my physical and mental health, I call it my “magic juice”. 

If you are feeling run down and you think vitamins would help you, but you don’t want to pay nor go through the hassle of taking all of these vitamins, etc separately, then I would 100% recommend AG1 greens. I can appreciate the price may put you off, but the results you start to feel a week or so after using it will justify the cost.

You can learn more about AG1 on the Athletic Greens website.

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