REVIEWED: Sushi and Bento, Basildon

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While I’ve been recovering from a particularly nasty Crohn’s flare-up, I’ve led more or less the least interesting life in the world. This is why there has been a huge lack of reviews on my blog. Because what can you review from the sofa? 

I thought about it, and I realized that there is, indeed, one place in Basildon that has had most of this month’s wages that I definitely COULD review from the sofa; Sushi and Bento. When I find a food I like that doesn’t give me issues I tend to go for it and eat it in abundance for weeks until I finally get bored of it and have a new food obsession. One of my current obsessions is sushi, gyoza, and karaage chicken. Before now, I’d only ever eaten sushi at Ukai, or from the supermarket fridge (two wildly different ends of the spectrum there), so you can imagine how excited I was that there was a sushi restaurant in Basildon.

When it does come to sushi, I’ll be the first to admit I am not in the slightest bit adventurous. My usual order is salmon, cucumber, and avocado maki. The salmon maki is very fresh and is £3.99 for 8 pieces, which to me is reasonable, being used to London prices. Avocado and cucumber are slightly cheaper at £3.49. Although the avocado they use is a good mix of ripe but not too ripe, it doesn’t tend to last overnight so I wouldn’t buy it if I were planning on having some the next day. 

One of the things I enjoy the most about ordering from places like Sushi and Bento is that your meal is made up of little bits and pieces, which makes it easier to eat if for some reason you haven’t got much of an appetite. Fortunately, I have, and my favorite thing in the world currently is chicken gyoza. 5 pieces here will cost you £5.49 which is good for the convenience, but if you are averaging 20 a day like me it is easier to just buy the frozen Itsu ones to chuck in the freezer (although I can never seem to cook them as well as Sushi and Bento do).

The chicken karaage is perfect. I enjoy chicken, but sometimes I get a weird feeling where I am eating it and I realize where it came from and get a bit of the “ick”. This tends to happen most if the chicken is chewy or stringy, which I have found some supermarket chicken karaage to be, but Sushi and Bento’s is the optimal mix of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

I haven’t been to the actual restaurant yet, but if you are looking for some good sushi delivered to your door, this is the place.

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2 responses to “REVIEWED: Sushi and Bento, Basildon”

  1. They sound like you enjoyed them and good for the price. I only like certain sushi so this was interesting. Thank you for sharing.



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