REVIEWED: Nameplate Anti-Strangulation Collars

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If you know me or follow me on social media, you’ll know how much I love both of my cats, Albert and Alfred. When people use the phrase “you’ll end up living alone with loads of cats” in a derogatory way, it always confuses me, because I think that sounds awesome. My sons are very spoiled. I even make them Christmas Eve boxes with treats and new bow tie collars. They have always had fairly nice collars, which aren’t a necessity for my oldest boy Albert, who rarely moves and thus does not venture further than the back of our garden. Alfred however, is a different challenge entirely. Despite the fact we had him “done”, Alfred loves to wander. We have him microchipped of course, but how many people can honestly say they see a cat they do not recognize and their first thought is “Maybe I will scan that cat”. A collar with a name and number on it seemed like a much simpler idea, so I had a little look around for the best deal.

What is an “anti-strangulation” collar?

Looking back at some of my childhood cat’s collars makes me wonder why anti-strangulation collars were not invented sooner. With a buckle collar, if your furry little BFF gets stuck on a branch or a bit of fence etc, a traditional buckle collar will stay closed and hurt your kitty, with potentially devastating consequences. An “anti-strangulation” collar has a breakaway clip so if any pressure is put on the collar it just opens and the cat is free. Considering how mischievous my littlest baby Alfred is, I always get them this type of collar.

Nameplate anti-strangulation collar reviewed

When I decided I wanted a nameplate anti-strangulation collar for the boys I needed to be mindful of the price. After all a B&M number is only about £1.99 ( and from my Jo Malone candle review, you all know how much I love B&M). Another reason it isn’t worth spending a lot is that Alfred loses his collars all of the time due to how feral he is. I found one on Amazon for £8.97 on Amazon and ordered them both one with their names and my phone number on them. Completely appreciate you may not want your number on a collar, but my reasoning was “When Alfred loses his, someone will find it and give me a call”. As they are personalized you are not going to get one of these the next day, but delivery was pretty quick, about 3 working days if I remember correctly. I ordered Albert Blue to go with his eyes and Alfred Black to go with his soul. The nylon material is like that rubbery material most inexpensive collars are made from, they have a bell, and the nameplate is metal but it isn’t heavy at all. Albert didn’t even notice we had put his on.

Not only is it a challenge to get Alfred sitting or lying still to get the collar on but also it was SO HARD to get a picture of him in it! And guess how long it lasted before he lost it?


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