Gatwick Clubrooms Lounge Review

Gatwick Clubrooms

*I visited the Clubrooms lounge as a paying customer, but there are affiliate links in this post. You can receive a discount on your airport lounge booking by using this affiliate link.


Because I’m scared of flying, I used to book airport lounges for unlimited alcohol. Basically, the idea was to get smashed before I got on the plane and sleep. The last time I visited the Philippines I don’t even remember stopping over in Doha (made it alive though). So I did wonder where the value would be of booking an airport lounge this time around, seeing as I don’t drink. Although I was in two minds, having a bit of space to myself away from the main terminal, the food, and the nicer toilets still sounded worth it to me. I decided to go for it and considering I have waited all year for this holiday and book the Clubrooms lounge, which is the most expensive but did look the fanciest. The only downside to booking lounge is that you have to dress smart/casual and I had to get myself a pretty fancy hand luggage bag


Before my trip I was doing the customary “look through all of your travel documents and get excited” and I noticed this lounge booking gave me access to the premium security lane. Once I had dumped my case I went to the premium security lane and my lounge booking did in fact, let me go through. Considering the security is always really busy at Gatwick this was worth the £38 in itself! So once I’d breezed through I went to the lounge area. Gatwick has all of its lounges conveniently located in one place which is really handy. The Clubrooms lounge is on the bottom so there are no airside windows, which is the only downside if you like that sort of thing. I personally don’t (again, scared of flying), so it didn’t bother me.

Because the Clubrooms lounge is that little bit more extravagant than the other lounges it is table service. When you enter and check in with the staff they will seat you at a table and give you a menu. Things like tea, coffee, and water are self-serve, along with some sweet treats. If you want an alcoholic or fizzy drink, which are unlimited, you can either order them from the waiting staff or go up to the bar. I got there just as the menu was changing over, which I was thrilled about as I had my eye right on the beef burger. Considering they put mayo on everything in this godforsaken country I didn’t even need to look at the menu to know there would be some element of it on this burger dish. I requested it without mayo and it really didn’t take long at all. I got my food in about 15 minutes which is fairly speedy in my opinion. It’s nice to have lunges with buffets but you don’t know how long the food has been sitting there and it is very rarely fresh.


Everyone who reads my blog regularly is probably sick of my banging on about it now, but I haven’t done a long-haul flight since I gave up alcohol. Instead of getting smashed I treated myself to a nice camomile tea from the self-serve bit. For all of you Karen’s out there the herbal tea selection is amazing, but fear not you can also get a standard cuppa if you are that way inclined and you are one of those people that goes to Spain and expects to find a full English and a cup of Tetley. There were also other added little perks like free newspapers and toilets there isn’t a 3 metre queue for.

I’d highly recommend treating yourself to the Clubrooms lounge before you go away. I mean, if you can’t treat yourself when you are on holiday, when can you?

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