REVIEWED: Go Desserts, Basildon

Picture of a waffle with white chocolate and lotus biscuits

A few months ago I saw a waffle maker on offer in Tesco and said to myself “that bad boy is coming home with me”. I was so excited I even got my best friend one. Showing my new purchase off to my Mum, I thought to myself, “wow I’ll be eating waffles all of the time”. I made waffles twice. Do you know what is exciting? Buying a waffle maker. Do you know what isn’t? Cleaning it. So alas, the waffle maker got promptly consigned to the back of the cupboard with the sandwich toaster and the microwave egg poacher. 

If only there was a way to have yummy waffles without the mess…

When I caught wind that a friend from schools boyfriend and brother had opened a dessert takeaway I was intrigued. A lot of these places you can sit in like Creams had started popping up, but it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that the idea of getting dessert DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR started to catch on. Now being someone very BAD at baking, this appealed to me. so last week, I finally got around to making a little order and trying Go Desserts for the first time. I’m very much a Lotus Biscuits/Biscoff woman, so of course, I ordered the Biscoff and White Chocolate Waffle. What I love about waffles is the way the sauce just collects in one of the holes and when you bite into it, it’s like winning a prize. 

Delivery was prompt. So prompt I was still in the shower when it came and my Mum answered the door (thought I had time to have a quick no hair-wash one). This is the worst thing that could have happened because then, I had to share my waffle with her which is why my picture only depicts HALF of a waffle. I’d say it took about ten minutes for delivery. The waffle itself was delicious, genuinely so tasty, if I close my eyes and think about it enough, I can still taste it now, but you get some pretty funny looks if you do that on the bus so I am just going to have to order another one ASAP. Ordering could not be more simple. At the moment you just need to order through Basildon Eats, but I have some insider info for you to watch this space as there may be more places soon. 

Go Desserts are new, but they still have a varied dessert menu. Currently, they do cookie dough, waffles and milkshakes but I did spy a cheesecake with my little eye on the Go Desserts Facebook page yesterday. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got super busy, so give them a try before everyone finds out about them and the delivery times get longer. 

You can order Go Desserts on Basildon Eats

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