TIPS: The Best of The Birthday Freebies

Because, why on earth should you pay for stuff on your birthday?

Picture this.

Costa, Westfield. The time is 1.10pm and it’s a week day, and I am in the middle of one of the busiest shopping centres at the busiest times. I am around fourth in the queue, and the lady paying has suddenly decided to inspect the coins in her purse (she had paid). A child screams. In the distance, sirens.

I know what you are thinking. “Why on earth would you go into Westfield Costa on your lunch break?”. The reason I was there, standing in one of the busiest and noisiest “lunch time” shops in West London was for FREE CAKE. As I previously wrote in my post all about what I got up to in February, it was my birthday, and although I am not usually too keen to celebrate it as I am now old, I wasn’t going to miss out. So I did indeed know there are companies that give birthday freebies, and one of my Twitter followers suggested listing them all in a post.

Costa – Free Cake

If you join what Costa refer to as the “Costa club“, not only can you get a free coffee after you have purchased 8 and collected 8 beans, but on your birthday you get a piece of free cake. All you need to do is download the Costa app and make sure your birthday on it is correct, and you will get a voucher sent through automatically to get your free bit of cake. The great thing about this is, you can use it to get a free piece of ANY cake.

Greggs – Free Cake or Sweet Treat

Another way to get a delicious cake on your birthday, and again all you need to do is download the free Greggs app. If that wasn’t enough to tempt you (but it probably is because Greggs is a universally loved brand and a staple of UK high streets), you also get a free hot drink JUST for signing up!

Krispy Kreme – Free Doughnut

Obviously, I am covering all of the sweet food first because, let’s face it, that is probably all anyone is going to be interested in. Another one where signing up to rewards is not just on your birthday, Krispy Kreme offer many different rewards including a birthday treat. So download their app or sign up online and go on a “cake crawl” this year on your birthday.

Frankie & Benny’s – Free Birthday Meal

The sweet treats were just a build up. This is a FANTASTIC freebie. Basically, if you sign up to Frankie and Benny’s rewards, you can get a free birthday meal, when one main meal is purchased. The great thing about this is, if you don’t want to burden your friend with paying in full while you get a freebie (although you totally can because it is your birthday), you can just halve the price of the one main meal!

The Beefeater – Free Birthday Meal

If you are a bit Frankie and Benny’s’d out from it being the only place relatively nice and affordable for every single one of your birthdays from 12 to 18, then you might fancy going somewhere different. The Beefeater do exactly the same offer, free meal when you pay for one on your birthday, and again you just need to sign up to the rewards club.

Miller & Carter – Free Bottle of Champagne

Celebrate in style and purchase at least four mains on your birthday at Miller & Carter and get a free bottle of champagne. All you need to do is (yes you have guessed it), make sure you sign up to the Miller & Carter rewards club at least 4 weeks before your meal.

TGI Fridays – Free Drinks

Slightly more generous here from TGI Fridays, a free drink on your birthday with every main up to 6 free drinks. Of course, you do have to sign up to the rewards club, but you can have cocktails on this offer, which are usually quite pricey.

Pizza Express – Free Bottle of Prosecco

Pizza Express certainly know their audience. A staple favourite across Essex, Pizza Express is where I go for a laidback meal with my fellow huns. So it stands to reason that their free drink offer is prosecco. Just create an account online with them, and you will automatically get emailed a voucher just before your birthday.

Smashbox – Free Birthday Gift

You know what, I really like this one. If you sign up to the Smashbox loyalty club online, you get a free gift on your birthday. But the catch is, you don’t know what it is. How cool that you will basically get a surprise, I think that makes it all the more fun.

Ikea – Free Birthday Gift

I’d have to say I like this one more. I mean, sure, Smashbox is exciting, but imagine what your surprise free gift could be from Ikea? Now I’m not saying they are going to give away sofas but even the small things in Ikea like the candles are pretty great. Just sign up online to be part of the “Ikea Family“.

Pets at Home – Free Treats

This one is super cute. Sign up to the Pets at Home VIP club (Alfred and Albert are signed up), and you will get free treats on your pets birthday.

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One response to “TIPS: The Best of The Birthday Freebies”

  1. Who doesn’t love some free stuff, especially when it’s your birthday! I like the sound of a free sweet treat from Greggs. 😋 I’ll have to remember a few of these for my birthday, especially the potential for a free birthday meal at Frankie & Benny’s.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊


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